Dahlia bulbs

These exotic beauties originate in Mexico and will bring a touch of hot colour and spice to any garden. Their flowers come in a particularly diverse variety: from pompoms, cactus dahlias, large and small bloomed dahlias, those with both long and short stems, single bloomed dahlias (like the anemone-flowered varieties) and double bloomed dahlias. Then there are the really eccentric flowers like our exclusive ‘Wonder of Nature’ dahlia. And all in many different colours and colour combinations.

Dahlias are great for growing not just in borders - there are many dwarf varieties which also grow well in pots and containers. The long-stemmed dahlias such as ‘Mary Evelyn’are also great as cut flowers. Surprise yourself with this all-round group. Bakker Spalding has a huge collection available, see below!

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