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Daffodils (also known as Narcissi) proclaim the arrival of spring. These tough, popular bulbs are perfect for planting in beds and borders in the garden as well as in garden pots and containers on the patio or decking. Narcissi come in many different varieties, with large or small flowers, single-flowered or double flowered. The range of colours is now greater than ever. Besides the familiar yellow and white narcissi, there are now even pinkish-red varieties! Narcissi make excellent flowers for cutting, and many of them have a delightful fragrance. Plant Daffodils in autumn to enjoy beautiful flowers in spring. Nowadays you can also buy daffodils that flower right into the summer, when planted in late spring. Plan ahead and order your daffodils now.

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How to grow daffodils

Daffodils are easy to grow and are tolerant of a range of conditions. Simply plant them at around three times their own depth in ordinary garden soil. It’s worth taking the time to deadhead them after the flowers have faded. Daffodils can be long-lived and get better every year - especially if you can resist the temptation to cut the foliage back too soon. Avoid cutting back the leaves until they’ve started to turn yellow - the plant needs them to feed itself and make flowers for next year.

Picking the right variety for your garden

There’s a daffodil to suit any garden - even if you’ve only got a window box, small varieties such as Tête-à-Tête will complement your spring bedding plants perfectly. In larger gardens why not try naturalising dwarf narcissi under trees and shrubs? Larger varieties are ideal for beds and borders where their bright colours and trumpet-like flowers will sing out and provide plenty of springtime cheer.



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