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These joyful flowers announce spring in many gardens. They are hardy and easy to grow - they’ll even poke through the snow if they have to! Their early flowers come in shades of yellow, purple and white, and some of them have beautiful markings and bicoloured flowers. Don’t forget, crocus bulbs aren’t just for spring - we stock several kinds of the beautiful, unusual autumn crocus too. Choose from our extensive range below.

Order your bulbs now and we will deliver them from 31st August onwards.

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How to grow crocuses

Crocus plants are easy to grow. Simply plant them at three times their own depth in autumn (plant autumn-flowering crocuses in summer). They are perfect for garden pots and containers as well as in beds and borders. Or why not plant our large flowered spring crocus mix in the lawn to give a stunning sheet of early colour?

If you decide to grow your crocus in the lawn, it's important to leave the grass un-cut for several weeks after the flowers have faded, to allow the plants to recover their strength for next year. If they're really happy they'll naturalise and increase in number every year!


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