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Bulbs for naturalising

Great swathes of flowering bulbs such as daffodils and crocus are a classic sign of spring, and are a joy to behold. These bulbs can be ‘naturalised’ - which simply means growing plants as they would grow in nature. The easiest way to start this process is to scatter bulbs and plant them where they fall. These varieties have been specially-selected to give a strong spring display; and over time they should increase in number, getting better every year. Why not add an eye-catching drift of bulbs to your garden?

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Giant Lilies

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Drifts of colour

Creating stunning drifts of colour in your garden is easy. Our specially-selected range of bulbs for naturalising will give you wonderful results just months from planting. Bulbs can be naturalised both in grass and among trees. To naturalise bulbs in grass, first cut the lawn short (to make it easier to find the bulbs), then scatter your bulbs at random, planting them where they fall. Daffodils and crocus are ideal for naturalising in grass. Just remember, avoid mowing the grass until the bulbs’ leaves have died back. The will give you a great spring display which lasts for many years.

Shady garden? No problem!

If your garden is shady, there are still plenty of beautiful flowers suitable for naturalising. Snowdrops and winter aconites are ideal for growing in shaded spots in woodland gardens and under trees. Their early flowers will add a classic charm to your garden. Set yourself adrift in nature!

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