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Begonia bulbs

Begonias are hugely popular, and for good reasons. They bring you months of colour and enjoy shady conditions much more than most other bedding plants. For sheer flower-power they are unbeatable! For very little effort you can have constant flowers from June right through until late autumn. There are a number of different kinds - including neat Red-rimmed tuberous begonias which are ideal in troughs or windowboxes, and vibrant, trailing Begonia ‘Tanais’ which makes an impressive statement when planted in hanging baskets - just one plant can give you more than 100 flowers at a time!

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Growing tips for begonias

Firstly it’s important to plant the tubers the right way up. Look closely and you’ll see they have tiny pink buds - these are the shoots, not the roots, so they need to go face up. Unlike many flower bulbs, begonia tubers should be planted shallowly, with only a couple of centimetres (less than an inch) of soil covering them. Remember that they are tender plants, so need to be started off indoors or in a warm greenhouse. Further instructions can be found on the bottom of each product page.

Using begonias in the garden

Begonias are versatile and attractive plants that are useful in beds, borders, pots and patios. Why not try growing the scented varieties such as ’Angelique’ in a hanging basket, so you can get up close to admire their beauty and fragrance? Begonias tolerate more shade than most other bedding plants, so are useful for brightening up shady corners during the summer months.

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