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Amaryllis is a show stopper when it flowers with its tropical and exotic look! The Amaryllis has the largest blooms of all houseplants and easy to grow indoors. We offer many varieties with the most amazing colours varying from pure white to dark red. They also vary in appearance from all one colour to multi-coloured. There are also the small flowered varieties. Bring a glorious floral sensation into your home with these beautiful flowers that last for weeks! Choose your Amaryllis from Bakker Spalding’s great collection.

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How to grow Amaryllis

These are large indoor plants, which need a warm sunny windowsill. The easiest way to grow them is to choose one of our ‘No Water Flowers’ range, such as the ’Waxz® range’ - so simple you don’t even need to water them!

If you choose traditional types, such as ’Amaryllis Mixed Collection’, choose a pot not too much bigger than the bulb. Use multipurpose compost and plant the bulb so the top third of it pokes above the compost. Water lightly and place in a warm sunny spot indoors. It’s a good idea to put your potted amaryllis inside a heavier decorative pot to stop it from tipping over - the huge flowers can easily tip over when the plant is in full bloom.

Blooms year after year

If you want your amaryllis to flower again next year, then there are a few simple steps to follow. Firstly, cut the flower stalk off as soon as the last flowers have faded. Keep giving the plant water and the occasional feed using houseplant feed. Stop watering and feeding when the plant starts to die back in late summer. It will then have a dormant period - allow it to rest for a couple of months. Re-pot into fresh soil in early winter, and start watering again.

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