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    Credit card

    We accept Visa, Master Debit, Electron and MasterCard. Please enter your card number, expiry date and the 3 digit security number, on the reverse of your card. Your card will not be charged until the day of dispatch.


      Minimum order sum

      There is no minimum payment online.


      Safe payment

      Paying for Bakker Spalding products is safe and easy!

      All your payment details are sent via SSL technology. This is a highly advanced electronic encryption and security method, which is also used by banks. SSL technology guarantees that your personal details are protected and can never be seen or manipulated by unauthorized persons.

      The padlock at the bottom of the screen in your status bar or in the yellow address bar indicates that you are on a protected page.


      No price increase

      All prices stated on and in our catalogues and brochures are fixed until 31st May 2016.


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