About our company

With 70 years experience as a garden mail order company, Bakker Spalding is a long-established, reliable company, forward looking with exciting new ideas to share with our gardening friends.

Our expert knowledge in getting top quality flower bulbs, roses, perennials, seeds, and other garden related products direct to your door has made us the market leader in the United Kingdom. We also take great pride in offering all the garden information and help that you need to make the right choices and, if necessary, to 'hold your hand' as you develop your skills on the road to becoming the expert gardener.

We offer clear terms and conditions and we take great pains to deliver what you order at the correct planting time. Our flower bulbs are cultivated with great care and, as a member of the "Hallmark Flower Bulbs of Holland" organization, we will only supply bulbs that meet the strictest quality standards. However, if, for any reason your purchase should fail, you can always rely on our 'no-quibble' up to 5 year guarantee.

Bakker Spalding Garden Company was founded in Britain soon after the Second World War, at a time when quotas were in place for the import of many products, including flower bulbs. Our company was amongst the pioneers that established new links with Dutch bulb growers to reintroduce their fabulous flowers and bulbs to the UK garden market. Over the years, the Company has grown from strength to strength, to become one of Britain’s most trusted mail order garden catalogue businesses.
We are very proud that we are based in the Georgian Market Town of Spalding in Lincolnshire which is the centre of the bulb-growing area. For over 100 years flower bulbs have been grown locally as the bulb industry in this area goes as far back as the 1880s.

With a long tradition of superior customer service, value for money and plants of the highest quality, we continue to expand the range with varieties from the top nurseries across Europe.

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