The pond in February

Winter weather can be quite hard on garden ponds and any fish and aquatic plants they contain, mainly due to the fact that a shortage of light and oxygen can occur if the pond freezes over completely. It goes without saying that this can harm flora and fauna.

Winter check
The following tips will help you to keep your pond as healthy and attractive as possible.

  • In severe frost, you should regularly check whether there is a gap in the ice. If not, you can break the ice open yourself, although you should do this carefully as fish are very sensitive to shocking.
  • If it has snowed, remove the snow from the ice to make sure that sufficient light can get through to the water.
  • If your pond is not deep enough to be protected against frost, it is best to bring your aquatic plants indoors over winter. They should be checked regularly to see if they need any care.

The new pond season
The new season for the pond does not start yet, but you could make sure you are properly prepared. The questions below may help you to make new plans.

  • Does your pond still fit in with the rest of your garden?
  • Do you want to introduce different accents in and around the pond?
  • Do your aquatic plants need replacing?
  • Do the colours in and around the pond match the rest of the garden?

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