Pruning Conifers

Conifers come in all shapes and sizes. Many conifers can be trimmed into any shape desired, such as a sphere, a block or a column. Some conifers can even be planted as ground cover. Conifers add an extra dimension to the garden and have a distinguished appearance. They have been a source of fascination for centuries, which is why they have long been subjects for improvement and selection, with new conifers regularly being introduced to the market.

May is a suitable time to prune these exceptional trees. Many types do not need pruning, but this can be an option to prevent them from becoming too large. To obtain a neat shape, it is better to start pruning when the trees are still young. Do not wait until they have become too large.
Conifers grown as a hedge should be pruned a maximum of twice a year. Prune so that the hedge is wider at the bottom than at the top.
Most conifers can only handle a light shaving, removing the tips of the branches with a sharp blade. If this is done from a young age, the tree will remain dense and compact.
Arbor vitae (Thuja) and Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) tolerate pruning better than most other conifers.

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