Maintenance pruning for tubs

In November it is important to keep a close eye on the weather. You should be especially wary of night frost, as many (tub) plants are vulnerable to frost and therefore require extra protection. You can read more about this in the article ‘Things to do before winter’. Before protecting tub plants from the cold, they can be pruned lightly and tidied up. This should be done before moving them to their winter storage place so that the wounds can begin to heal outdoors.

Pruning is important for the development and maintenance of the plant. Young plants need pruning so that they become dense and well branched. Plants that have reached maturity need maintenance pruning in order to preserve their shape, to encourage flowering, and to maintain the balance between the size of the plant and the size of the pot.

When pruning, you should first remove any dead branches, diseased leaves and withered flowers. Plants that flower on young wood can be cut back to between ten and fifteen centimetres. The surplus branches of foliage plants can be shortened or removed to bring them back in proportion to the pot.

N.B. Always use sharp, robust secateurs to avoid damaging your plants!

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