Pruning conifers

People have been fascinated by conifers for centuries. They are impressive garden subjects and can look very grand and elegant. New conifers are introduced to the market every year.

In May it is time to start pruning these exceptional trees. Conifers come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them can be trimmed into fancy shapes, such as spheres, cubes or columns. Most varieties only tolerate light shaving, which involves trimming the tips of the branches with a sharp blade, although there are some conifers that do not mind more drastic pruning

. Conifers grown as a hedge can be trimmed a maximum of twice a year, in May and August, although the Cupressocyparis is an exception to this rule. If you only want to trim once, this should be done after midsummer. Always trim a conifer so that it is broader at the bottom than at the top, as this will allow sufficient light to get through to the lower branches, which is important for even growth. Do not wait too long before trimming a conifer hedge, as most varieties cannot be cut right back to the old wood.

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