Pruning ornamental grass

org:/Garden Tips/SEO optimalisation banners/naj 2015/buy_border-plants-online-1.jpgPruning between December and March
Early spring is the best time to prune most of the commonly grown ornamental grass varieties. This should be done as late as possible as the plants are still very decorative in winter, bringing much-needed interest to an otherwise bare winter garden. However, if you prune your ornamental grass in spring, make sure you do this before the new growth start to appear.

SiergrassenPruning ornamental grass with early spring growth
On the other hand, ornamental grass that produces new growth early in spring should be pruned in December so that the new green shoots are not removed together with the last season’s foliage. It is a good idea to leave the grass cuttings on the ground for a while as this provides protection from the cold.

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