Tips for Planting Conifers

Plant your conifers as soon as possible after you receive them. Open the outer packaging and remove the conifer (or conifers). If you are not able to plant immediately, leave in the packaging and place in a cool, light, frost-free place, out of the sun. But do not leave in the package too long as they will deteriorate.

It is obviously important that your conifers do not dry out. If there is a risk that this may happen, water them well or temporarily immerse the conifer in a bucket of water. Leave it there for quite some time so the soil is moist.

Dig a planting hole at least twice the width of the root ball. If the roots of the conifer are wrapped in burlap place the root ball into the planting hole, cut the burlap away from the trunk and pull it carefully from under the roots. Then fill in the hole with soil.

Once planted, press the soil firmly and water thoroughly. Create a rim of earth around the tree, this will allow water to remain which will help to keep the tree moist.

Don't rely on nature, check that the conifers are well supplied with water. In our experience, the conifers that don't become established is usually through lack of water.

Conifers benefit from mulching. Apply approximately 6-7 cm deep around the tree ensuring that it is not too close to the trunk. This helps to maintain a cool soil temperature.


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