Gooseberries and redcurrants

These bushes are pruned in more or less the same way as the apple trees. The purpose is to obtain a solid framework consisting of four or five main branches that produce plenty of fruiting branches.

After this framework has been formed, the shoots that have not yet been pruned must be cut back by two to three buds. Main shoots, extending from the main branches, can be cut back by one third to half.

For these bushes, too, it is important to remove dead and diseased branches and branches that cross one another. As with the apple trees, this creates an open heart and improves air circulation.

These bushes form shoots from the base of the plant. You will therefore need to cut some older branches down to the ground every year in order to stimulate the growth of new branches. One third of all branches should in any case be removed every year.

Young shoots will also be removed during this pruning, but this is unavoidable. The pruning is necessary to encourage the growth of new shoots at the base of the bush.

As soon as the last fruits have been picked from the fruit-bearing branches, these can be removed from the supports and pruned down to the ground. New shoots can then be tied down.


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