Trees for a Small Garden

Trees in the garden give enjoyment all year round. They are very decorative, with beautiful colours in spring and autumn, and they provide shade in summer. You can still enjoy these benefits if you have a small garden by choosing small trees or trees that can be kept compact.

Advantages of small trees

  • As these trees do not grow too tall, they do not block out the light.
  • Some varieties, such as the Japanese maple, are easy to prune and can be trained into attractive shapes.
  • Small versions of large trees, such as the dwarf lilac, create a striking effect in the garden. 

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  • Plant an Indian bean tree in the middle of the patio and in time you can place your garden furniture underneath to take advantage of the shade.
  • Plant miniature trees, such as the blue Colorado spruce, on each side of the garden path. This gives the garden greater depth and makes it look bigger.
  • Prune consistently to keep trees compact and in shape.
  • If you want to prune a miniature tree into a globe shape, choose a variety with big leaves such as the Indian bean tree. Big leaves emphasize the shape of the tree.
  • If you want to create partial shade in your borders, choose trees with small leaves. These let through light and act as a parasol for border plants.
  • In the case of topiary, the fuller the tree, the finer the shape.
  • Consider in advance the shape you are looking for and draw a diagram as a guide.
  • Annual pruning keeps trees the desired size.
  • If you plant fruit trees now, you can enjoy your own harvest in autumn.

Best time for planting
Spring and autumn are the best seasons to plant small trees, although they can be planted all year round if they have been cultivated in containers or plastic pots.

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