Just for the foliage

Beautiful foliage plants bring shape and colour in the garden right through the seasons. They are indispensable in every border. Just like in a bouquet, the foliage forms the base, the colours of the flowers contrast beautifully with the green background. Moreover, foliage plants do not need much looking after. A good composition with evergreens will keep your garden looking good throughout the year.

Big is beautiful
The enormous foliage of, for instance, giant rhubarb gives your garden a very special appearance. The straightforward and eye-catching shape of the huge leaves brings a natural, green atmosphere. Large leaves look particularly good next to contrasting shapes. This can be a plant with distinctly different shaped leaves or hard materials in the garden like a pergola or a straight path. Do keep in mind that these giants take up a fair bit of space.

Colour in darkness
Shady corners in the garden often lack colour, as plants with colourful flowers require sunlight. This problem can be solved with some nice foliage plants. Plants with white variegated leaves in particular, can cheer up a dark and dingy corner. A white-rimmed Hosta or variegated Cornel. Combine the plants so that they look interesting all year round.

Eye-catching shapes and colours
There are several things to look for when you choose foliage plants for your garden. For the border, the colour of the foliage plays an important role. There is lime green, deep green, blue green, grey green and grey purple (dark shades) and of course variegated foliage.
For a harmonious composition, for instance in a garden with mainly foliage plants, the size and shape of the leaves is very important too. Try to mix shapes and sizes and colours. Extremely large leaves, for instance, next to the much finer foliage of the fern, or even the diffuse foliage of fennel or aniseed.

Special effect in the border
Foliage plants are an important base for special colour and shape effects in the border. Foliage plants are decorative throughout the growing season. Colourful flowers look stunning against a calm background of green leaves. A very simple but effective combination is the evergreen ground cover ivy (Hedera) with small groups of narcissi. Even with very few flowers you can create a very colourful border using good foliage plants. A lovely composition in pink for example, can be made with 'Actinidia kolomikta' as ground cover with its multi-coloured green and pink leaves and Astilbe, or the long, pink-flowering strong ground cover 'Calystegia japonica florapleno'. An added bonus of foliage plants is that they do not require much care. Timely pruning, however, is important with some kinds.

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