Summer flowers create an oasis of colour.

We can enjoy our gardens throughout the year, of course, but we often have summer in mind when we plant new plants in spring. This is understandable, as Mother Nature is at her most beautiful in the summer months. Summer is the season of creation and abundance. Everyone loves glorious flowers, and if you want to enjoy a wealth of flowers in your garden this summer, now is the time to act!

There are plenty of plants that will transform your garden into a sea of flowers. Spalding’s new spring range contains beautiful top-quality products, including trendy and original garden subjects as well as the popular classics. Here are some of my favourites.

Most of you will be familiar with colourful beauties such as dahlias, begonias and gladioli. Together these three varieties offer a virtually unlimited range of colours! Some of them will also surprise you with their decorative foliage. These timeless plants will flood your garden with glorious colour.

Another summer flowering plant that is a firm favourite of mine is the lily. Apart from being exquisitely beautiful, this plant also symbolizes peace, innocence and purity. With its elegant and dignified presence it is an asset in any garden, and the colourful flowers are a joy to behold.

Ismene is also an attention-seeker with beautiful, bright, white flowers that are reminiscent of orchids. These flowers have a self-willed, distinguished character with their delightful scent and elegant contours.

One of the most exceptional summer flowering bulbs must surely be the summer narcissus 'Erlicheer'. With its unusually shaped petals, it almost seems to be staring at you. This variety is one of the latest developments in the floriculture sector and is definitely worthy of a prominent position in the garden.

Subtlety can paradoxically be an eye-catching quality. Placing subtle plants between more conspicuous summer flowers can bring harmony to a garden. One good example is the charming lily of the valley. Its lavish foliage and little pink or white flowers create a wonderful effect under trees and bushes. These plants are also very decorative in a pot.


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