The pond in September

In September you can still enjoy your pond. You can busy yourself preparing it for the winter, or, if you don't yet have a pond September is a good time to consider building one.


  • Have you always wanted a pond in your garden? This is the best time to make one. As the days become shorter the growth of algae will be less, but there is still enough sunlight for new plants to establish.
  • In a new pond you will want Water Lilies and marginal plants, but above all make sure you add sufficient oxygenating plants.
  • For an existing pond, stretch a net over it to catch falling leaves. If you don't like the look of a net you will have to remove dead leaves from the pond almost daily.
  • Carefully remove unsightly foliage from your Water Lilies. Leave a little bit of the leaf stalk to stop the hollow stems from filling up with water. This can cause the plant to rot.
  • Water Lilies in baskets could do with a fresh layer of nutrient substrate. Also add some substrate to the bottom of the pond.


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