General garden tips

In November there is still so much to enjoy in the garden! We see evergreen leaves, trees and shrubs with their beautiful coloured berries, trees with a special bark – what excitement in the November garden!

To prepare your garden for winter we have listed a few chores for you:

  • Cover all perennials with a layer of leaves, compost, or a mixture of compost and turf.
  • Protect Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Hydrangeas around the base from the cold.
  • Keep the soil around evergreens moist. Do not forget your non-deciduous hedge!
  • Pack the graft union of Roses in straw or a mixture of compost and leaves or use rose collars.
  • On standard Roses the graft and branches should be packed in straw or, not so pretty but very effective, a bin liner. This can be pulled over the rose and tied just under the graft. You can also buy special rose covers for this purpose.
  • Tie high grasses like Pampas grass together and protect the root clump.
  • Clean out pots, containers, and place them upside down.
  • Empty the garden hose.
  • Disconnect the outside tap.
  • Make feeding places for the birds.

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