What to do in your kitchen garden in October

There is plenty of activity in the kitchen garden in October. This includes harvesting, sowing and planting. It is also important to start preparing for the onset of winter.

The kitchen garden

  • You can now start planting all kinds of fruit trees. Even in small town gardens, espaliers can be trained along a wall or fence without taking up too much space.
  • In temperate climate zones you can grow peaches, apricots and grapes on south-facing walls.
  • October is a good time for planting kiwis. After planting them, they can be cut hard back. In spring the plant will develop new strong shoots. To harvest fruits you will normally need a male as well as a female plant. However, our kiwi plants are self-fertilizing!
  • It is still harvest time for apples, pears and some late plums. Fallen fruits should be removed instantly to prevent disease. Store fruit in a cool dark place.
  • Empty beds can now be turned over. At the end of the month you can spread fresh and half-rotted manure on them.
  • Take up chives, parsley and other herbs that are not frost proof and pot them up. Put them in your kitchen to have fresh herbs all through the winter.

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