Planting in October


October is an excellent month for planting tree, shrubs and perennials. The soil is still warm enough to give them a good start before winter begins.


  • Decidious shrubs, roses and trees can be planted now.
  • October is a good time to divide perennials that have become too large. Lift the plants without damaging the roots and split the younger parts away from the old plants. They can then be replanted.
  • Newly purchased plants can be planted in the border. The soil is still sufficiently warm for the plants to settle in.
  • Plant flower bulbs in borders or pots.
  • For months of colour, plant flower bulbs in layers in large pots and baskets. Plant the later flowering bulbs first and cover them with a layer of soil. The earlier flowering varieties may be planted on top. Repeat until the pot or basket is full. This method is called 'Lasagne planting'.
  • Plant winter flowering plants in the border. Examples of colourful winter plants are ornamental cabbages, hardy pansies and berry bearing shrubs.
  • For those large shrubs, trees and conifers that are to be transplanted next season, dig a trench all around the plant to cut the roots and then fill the trench with leaf mould.

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