The pond in June

June is a month to enjoy working on your pond. It is also the month when young herons fly the nest, so take care to protect the fish in your pond.

Pond tips for in and around the pond.



  • Leave your water plants undisturbed as much as possible.
  • Drifting plants can go back in the pond at the end of May or the beginning of June.
  • Remove excessive duckweed with a net. A layer of this will suffocate other water plants. Turn the net over on the ground and check for any tadpoles or newts. They will find their way back into the pond.
  • Re-fill the pond regularly to compensate for evaporation. Do this bit by bit to prevent the water from cooling down too much.
  • If the pond water is turbid see if there are enough oxygenating plants. Water fleas are also helpful.
  • Waterside plants need regular watering too.
  • For a more natural looking pond you can grow Yellow iris, Loosestrife, Rush, Fern, Hosta or Reed mace. Plant these bog plants in the same way as you would plant perennials in the border.

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