Harvesting fruit in July

July is normally the start of the fruit harvesting season for several varieties of fruit. Picking fruit is a fun and healthy pastime – what can be better than fresh handpicked fruit?

The first blackberries can be picked in July, and with a bit of luck the harvest period will continue until September. Do not fill your bucket with too many berries, as the berries at the bottom will get crushed giving you instant blackberry juice! Blackberries can be eaten straight away, but they can also be frozen, and they are excellent for making jam and juice.


Summer raspberries ripen from July to August, depending on the temperatures in spring. The fruits can be picked as soon as they turn a nice pink colour. If you leave a short length of stem on the fruits as you pick them, this will prevent the juice from running out of the fruits at the bottom of the basket.

The fruiting branches die down after the harvest and should preferably be removed immediately.

Tip: If your raspberry bush produces a monster harvest, you could store the surplus fruits in the deep-freeze or use them to make jam. This will allow you to experience the fabulous taste of summer a second time! When freezing the fruits, lay them separately on a tray until they are frozen, after which they can be stored in bags.

Peaches and apricots
You can expect the fruits to ripen from the end of July. They can be picked as soon as they begin to soften (do not pinch them too often!). Pick them in time so that the mature fruits do not fall on the ground and get damaged. The harvested fruits will continue to ripen in a sunny position. However, you should keep a close eye on them as they can ripen and go mouldy very quickly. These fruits are at their best when eaten at exactly the right time!

Check strawberries regularly for weeds, and give them a weekly dose of potassium-rich fertilizer, added to the water.
This is a good time to harvest delicious strawberries. Leave the crown on the fruit when you pick them. Not only will they last for longer, but this also prevents mould formation on the plants!

Blackcurrants can also be picked now. The bush can be partially pruned during harvesting.

Tip: Cut off the branches before harvesting and take them indoors. This makes it easier to pick the fruit.

Redcurrants and white currants
These currants can be harvested by cutting off or pulling off the long bunches of fruits. The currants can then be pulled from the stems. If the bush is given a summer pruning at the end of July, this will encourage the remaining fruits to ripen.

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