General garden tips

December is the winter month in which we can expect the first serious frosts. This is your last chance to take preventive measures against frost damage, like covering sensitive plants.

The garden in general

  • Check your garden tools, clean them and oil moving parts.
  • Have your shears sharpened, or do it yourself using a whetstone.
  • Remove leaves from gutters.
  • In heavy frost, wind or bright sun, protect your conifers with windbreak wire to prevent needles from turning brown.
  • Water newly planted evergreen hedges.
  • Remove heavy layers of snow from overhanging branches or hedges to prevent breaking.
  • Clean the nest boxes in your garden.
  • If you haven't done it yet, empty the garden hose.
  • Disconnect the outside tap.
  • Peanut strings, bird cakes and apples help birds through the winter.
  • Pick Christmas greenery from your own garden. Suitable plants are holly, ivy, conifer sprigs, rose-hip, Gaultheria and Monarda.
  • Protect vulnerable plants and roses against frost.
  • As long as there is no frost, all tree varieties can be pruned and bulbs can be planted.
  • Keep a section of the pond ice-free.
  • Cut back vines.
  • Protect pruning wounds with a sealing agent. 

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