Christmas decorations from the garden

In December it is time to get out the Christmas decorations for the festive season, recreating the time-honoured Christmas atmosphere. The shops are crammed with glittering balls, tinsel and lights. These are beautiful in their own way, but nowadays people tend to prefer natural decorations. Actually this is truer to tradition, as today’s popular Christmas paraphernalia was not available in the past. By combining the natural with the contemporary, you can create a fabulous atmosphere in your home.

Have a good look in your garden or in the woods and see if you can find any suitable objects for Christmas decorations. With beautiful natural materials, you do not have to be very creative to make something attractive.


The natural world provides so many glorious colours and shapes that are ideal for creating a festive accent in your living room at Christmas. Besides the traditional Christmas tree, Mother Nature has far more to offer in December. Create a cosy atmosphere using berry sprigs, rose-hips, chestnuts, ivy branches, pine cones, or the dried flowers of bee balm (monarda). Green conifer branches also look very attractive in a colourful arrangement, and holly is another useful ingredient, with its striking prickly leaves.



All this natural material can be used in a variety of ways. One simple idea is to place a large Christmas bauble in the middle of a bowl, then arrange greenery and other natural objects around it in a random fashion. Another idea is to place a ball in a glass vase, drape it with ivy, then tie a pretty ribbon around the vase as a finishing touch.


A professional effect can be obtained using an oasis and florist’s wire. Just place the oasis in a pot or vase, insert the wire into your decorative objects and push the other end of the wire into the oasis. Let your imagination run riot. You will be surprised!

A wreath or garland also looks very pretty hung on a door or placed on a table. Florist’s wire can be used for this too.

Have fun collecting your materials and making your decorations!

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