Maintaining your lawn in April

For many gardeners April is a good time for mowing the lawn, newly mown grass smells so fresh. Mow as often as you can, at least once a week.

Other lawn jobs for the lawn in April as follows

  • Remove areas of course grass and reseed the bare patches.
  • Check the lawn for diseased patches.
  • For quick results, remove the diseased patch by cutting out a square of turf and replacing this with a new piece cut to size.
  • Treat large areas of moss with iron sulphate.
  • If the moss is widespread, the lawn needs to be aerated. Aeration gets rid of moss as well as old and dead grass, and also ensures sufficient ventilation.
  • Never use an aerator on a wet lawn, as this is counter-productive.
  • After aerating, reseed the lawn if necessary and go over the grass with a roller.
  • Trim the edges of the lawn.
  • Mow regularly and administer lawn fertilizer once a month for the best results.
  • Stick a fork into the ground and move it backwards and forwards to improve the drainage of the soil.

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